Get started with Monday Vibe

How to use

To use Vibe Monday Components - Fuegokit in your project, locate the library and enable it from the Figma Assets tab.Use the Library finder under Assets in the left side navigation in Figma:
Screenshot showing Libraries icon under Assets tab in Figma
Search for the Vibe Monday Components - Fuegokit library under Design Systems and enable it:
Screenshot showing list of libraries in Libraries modal in Figma
You can now use the library! 🎉


How is Vibe Monday Components - Fuegokit different from the Monday community version?Our Monday library has a more complete set of components, variants, and patterns. It is in sync with the official Vibe | Design System, more accurate, and better maintained that the community Figma version.


Need more info or want some help? Reach out in #design-systems Slack!

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