Get started with ADS Components

How to use

To use ADS Components - Fuegokit in your project, locate the library and enable it from the Figma Assets tab.Use the Library finder under Assets in the left side navigation in Figma:
Screenshot showing Libraries icon under Assets tab in Figma
Search for the ADS Components - Fuegokit library under Design Systems and enable it:
Screenshot showing list of libraries in Libraries modal in Figma
You can now use the library! 🎉


What is ADS Components - Fuegokit?The Fuegokit ADS Components package is a design system library surfacing Atlassian components that consume the same set of design tokens that powers working code in Fuegokit libraries used in Appfire products.
How is ADS Components - Fuegokit different from the official Atlassian ADS Components library?The Fuegokit ADS Components library leverages the same tokens as our design system code, meaning designers and developers can more easily collaborate while using the same source of truth.


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