About Design Systems at Appfire

The Design Systems team manages processes and tools that support people designing and building digital experiences at Appfire.


Our primary task is to improve the design and development workflow by enabling teams at Appfire to design and build software more efficiently, consistently, and collaboratively.


Our promise is to create an effective, governed design system that can be adopted across products that is sustained with a dependable, predictable set of transparent processes.


We base our philosophy on the principles of transparency, collaboration, learning, experimentation, and passion.
  • Create simple solutions for a consistent experience across products.We favor the elegance of simplicity over the allure of complexity.
  • Everything is a component.We are building for scale, and we are intentional in our approach to component API design.
  • Build for inclusivity.We strive to write perceivable, operable, and understandable patterns for all users. Accessibility should always be built in, rather than bolted on.
  • Progress over perfection.We favor practicality over purity, and take steps that keep the project moving incrementally forward.
  • Operate transparently.We aim to do our work out in the open. We’re not the only ones who know the status of the system, and we encourage contribution.
  • Prioritize a public API with a minimal surface area.We aim to balance API complexity with composability, and we favor an approach that avoids hasty abstractions.
  • Incremental correctness over time.We favor making decisions that move us forward incrementally based on long-term goals. We aim to identify the small and meaningful steps we can take that help make the best system we can, that helps people do their work and helps our users succeed.
  • Document everything, concisely.We favor documenting our system and processes as a way to encourage experimentation and learning and to set our future selves up for success. By documenting early and often, we allow ourselves to be guided by empathy for the people who come after us and for our future selves.
  • Value quality over quantity.The work we do won’t succeed if the quality is poor or below our standards.
  • Operate with intention.We aim to define the problem and goal before jumping to solutions and implementations.

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